Puppy "Kindergarten" Training $58 per day

I want to offer puppy training to select puppies wanting a more structured style training.
Each day the puppy will have 3-4 private training sessions, supervised socialization with
other dogs for playtime and crate training. More advanced puppies can be taken out for
public interactions. Customized exposures to livestock, water or other request can be arranged.
What your puppy will learn will vary based on how long they stay with us & sometimes the breed of
dog. Our goals for each puppy are the following:
  • Crate & Potty Training
  • Name Recognition
  • Leash Etiquette- No pulling, staying close & with time heeling nicely!
  • Basic Commands- Sit, Down, Come, Wait, Stay, Off, Yes(reward), No(stop behavior)
  • More Advanced Commands- Leave it, Out, Place, Get it & Bring(fetch)
2 weeks- Beginning crate/potty training, name recognition, simple come, sit & off
3 weeks- add in leash etiquette, yes (reward), no (stop behavior), beginning wait & stay
4 weeks- add in down, leave it, out, heeling, public interactions
I work on learning one thing at a time and as they progress I will add in another command. With this method each day is critical, the longer they're here the more they will learn. Practice makes perfect! When I train your puppy I must also have a family
commitment to continue practice at home. Together we can better ensure your puppy will have a successful outcome.

Turnkey Training Program

What is a Turn Key?

A turn key is a puppy that goes home to you fully trained in obedience, house trained, and much more. If you are leading a busy life and the thought of a chewing, peeing, pooping, whining, jumping puppy is just to daunting, yet you can't live without the companionship a dog offers, a turnkey puppy is for you!

If your family does not have the time to dedicate to training a puppy during his/her first six months, a turnkey puppy is a great option. This time in a puppy's life is critical to instilling  them through adulthood. Your investment covers the following:

  • Your puppy will be fully house-trained and crate-trained.
  • Your puppy will be socialized in different situations and places.
  • Your puppy will be obedience-trained.
  • Name Recognition, Sit, Down, Come, Wait (exiting or entering), Stay, Heel on leash/leash etiquette, Sit when stop, Out (to release or drop item), Yes (reward), No (stop behavior), Crate & Potty, Leave it, Place & Off .

A finished puppy delivered right to your door. Including a private in-home training session with detailed instructions on managing your puppy. You will receive a lifetime of support from trainer and breeder.

Your pet has either AKC breed registration papers, AKC PAL registration number or AKC Partners registration number. This allows you and your family to compete with your pet at any AKC sanctioned performance event. They are seasoned travelers and will ride quietly in your vehicle. If you cannot take your dog on your trip, he has experience at the kennel and will hang out there waiting for your return. Turnkey Dogs are well socialized with other dogs and at daycare. They have experience with children, cats, and upon request can be exposed to other animals. Your Turnkey Dog has wonderful manners and will be welcomed by your groomer and veterinarian. This is your opportunity to finally own the pet your kids have dreamed of and begged for, the pet you have pondered, yet felt was too much work. Turnkey Dogs takes the work and worry out of the equation by skillfully preparing your puppy to be the pet your kids will love and your neighbors will envy.

I'm partnered with several breeder's offering different breeds to best suit your home and needs. I'm also happy to work with other breeds if you have a specific one in mind.

Prices vary from each breeder from $15,000 - $18,000

Partnered Breeders

“I cannot begin to explain how highly I think of this company! Jessica was willing to help me with my German Shepherd Puppy with training as he was making no progress with the previous training techniques that we were given. In just one session he has shown such an amazing improvement and he came home from his day session at Peace of mind happy and tired. I feel so comfortable leaving him here while we go on vacation and I can’t wait to see how far he comes with his training as she has a vast amount of knowledge to share. Thank you both for your wonderful care of my pup!”