Puppy Training

Specializing in young puppies 8 weeks old to 6 months. We offer training to puppies nationwide with pickup service from our flight nanny.

Puppies in training live in our home and become part of our family during their stay. Training in our home with kids, cats & other dogs gives your puppy a real life learning environment. We want you to be part of their experience here as well. We provide weekly updates with photos or videos. We also welcome communication with us throughout their time in training as well as years down the road..

Each day, the puppy will have 3-4 private training sessions, supervised socialization with other dogs for playtime and crate training. We also provide regular mental stimulation games, individual toys, chew bones and plenty of treats. It's important that puppies are stress fee & having fun while in our care. More advanced & vaccinated puppies will be taken out for public interactions and socialization.

What your puppy will learn will vary based on how long they stay with us & sometimes the breed of dog.

  • Preschool- 2 Week Program: (Pickup or Flight Nanny)
  • crate introduction, feeding etiquette, sit & name recognition
  • Kindergarten Novice- 4 Week Program: (Pickup or Flight Nanny)
  • Program above plus- crate training, leave it, down & leash Introduction
  • Kindergarten Intermediate- 6 Week Program: (Pickup or Day w/Trainer)
  • Program above plus- leash etiquette/staying close, come, wait, off, yes, no & basic socialization
  • Kindergarten Advanced- 8 Week Program: (Pickup or Day w/Trainer)
  • Program above plus- loose leash heeling, place, stay, socialized & public exposure
  • Kindergarten Excellent- 12 Week Program: (Day w/Trainer Only)
  • Program above plus- potty/house training introduction and customized training requests
  • Turnkey/Dream Dog- 16 Week Program: (Day w/Trainer Only)
  • Program above plus- House trained, off-leash introduction, eligible for spay/neuter & easily integrates into your home.
  • Epic Dog- 24 Week Program: (Day w/Trainer Only)
  • Program above plus- E-collar off-leash trained for the ultimate hiking, beach going companion you could take anywhere. At this age, your puppy will have surpassed the teething phase of puppy development maturing into an "epic" adolescent puppy.

**Please call for further information, details and pricing of our programs. *

*Routine vet care, vaccinations and professional grooming included with all packages. Day w/Trainer fee included with 12 week, 16 week & 24 week programs.

Some puppies learn faster than others or take to one command quicker than others. If a puppy is progressing quickly we will add in other commands, however, we don't like to overwhelm them. With our balanced training methods each day is critical, the longer they are here the more they will learn. While your puppy is in our care, we will schedule routine vaccinations and care with our veterinarian. We also have regular grooming appointments, which is critical to ensure a calm, positive experience.

Puppies are not robots and practice makes perfect! When we train your puppy we must also have a family commitment to continue practice at home. Together we can better ensure your puppy will have a successful outcome.

Kindergarten will get your puppy a head start in training and make transitioning to your home much easier. When the time comes for your puppy to go home we will provide you a shopping list of recommended supplies.

** "Day with the Trainer Delivery" We will personally accompany your puppy on the flight and stay overnight in your home. This is a valuable option for transitioning your puppy from training to your home as well as educate you. We will go over all aspects of the training process including feeding, crating, daily activities and neighborhood walks. You will be responsible for our round trip ticket, pet flight fees, lodging, travel and trainer/delivery fee $750.

Turnkey, Dream & Epic Training Programs

What is a Turnkey, Dream or Epic dog?

A turn key is a puppy that goes home to you fully trained in obedience, house trained, and much more. If you are leading a busy life and the thought of a chewing, peeing, pooping, whining, jumping puppy is just to daunting, yet you can't live without the companionship a dog offers, a turnkey puppy is for you!

If your family does not have the time to dedicate to training a puppy during his/her first six months, a turnkey puppy is a great option. This time in a puppy's life is critical to instilling  them through adulthood. Your investment covers the following:

  • Your puppy will be fully house-trained and crate-trained.
  • Your puppy will be socialized in different situations and places.
  • Your puppy will be obedience-trained.
  • Name Recognition, Sit, Down, Come, Wait (exiting or entering), Stay, Heel on leash/leash etiquette, Sit when stop, Yes (reward), No (stop behavior), Crate & Potty, Leave it, Place & Off.

A finished puppy delivered right to your door. Including a private in-home training session with detailed instructions on managing your puppy. You will receive a lifetime of support from trainer and breeder.

They are seasoned travelers and will ride quietly in your vehicle. If you cannot take your dog on your trip, he has experience at the kennel and will hang out there waiting for your return. Turnkey Dogs are well socialized with other dogs and at daycare. They have experience with children, cats, and upon request can be exposed to other animals. Your Turnkey Dog has wonderful manners and will be welcomed by your groomer and veterinarian. This is your opportunity to finally own the pet your kids have dreamed of and begged for, the pet you have pondered, yet felt was too much work. Turnkey Dogs takes the work and worry out of the equation by skillfully preparing your puppy to be the pet your kids will love and your neighbors will envy.

In addition to the turnkey/dream dog the "Epic Dog" takes it a step further giving you the ultimate off-leash companion. This program is well suited for those wishing to pursue service dog and therapy dog work. An "Epic Dog" has further matured and is a perfectly behaved adolescent puppy.

“I cannot begin to explain how highly I think of this company! Jessica was willing to help me with my German Shepherd Puppy with training as he was making no progress with the previous training techniques that we were given. In just one session he has shown such an amazing improvement and he came home from his day session at Peace of mind happy and tired. I feel so comfortable leaving him here while we go on vacation and I can’t wait to see how far he comes with his training as she has a vast amount of knowledge to share. Thank you both for your wonderful care of my pup!”

“We could not be more happy with Peace of Mind - Pet Services. We know when we leave our pets in there care they are safe and being loved just like we do at home. I have had the pleasure to get to know Jessica through the vet clinic I work for and have always been impressed with how well behaved her dogs are. My husband and I knew that Jessica would be who we would use to train all our puppies that we added to our small breeding business.Jessica started working with our 18 week old corgi Clara and in the first two day she had all ready taught her how to heel and to sit when you stop walking. After the first week with Jessica she knew the sit, down, stay, and wait commands which has transitioned over to feeding time and coming in/out of the house. As well as what leave it means (one of our favorite commands at home) and out!!!! After just such a short time Clara is starting to place.The most impressive part of Clara's training is that everyone at our home can use all these commands Jessica has taught her and can get results. Myself and my 17 year old son can work Clara and get the same results as Jessica and this has been after only 2 weeks of training. We are very excited to work with Peace of Mind with future litters of puppy's being able to offer new owners puppy kindergarten and turnkey puppy's!”

“Jessica gave us amazing "Poynters" about our new puppy. Would highly recommend sending your puppy to get trained with her. Our little Guinness was with her 3 weeks. He listens to commands, walks on leash, sits and is almost completely potty trained!! Well worth it!”

"The 8 weeks Bella spent with Dalyce Hamedl and Jessica Poynter has provided her with such solid training and behavior fundamentals. I cannot overstate what a good investment that training has been for us. Jessica, thank you for flying Bella home and helping us all understand the importance of being consistent, firm, and loving. You gave us a game plan and the confidence to carry it out. Your commitment and caring for these dogs is obvious and we so appreciate your passion and approach. Can’t wait for you to train our next pup!"

"Hello All! I am not one to post on social media, but after going on fall break and taking our amazing Bea (“Boots” from cowboy litter) with us I felt the urge to take the time to compliment both Kathryn and Jessica on breeding and training the best dog I have ever had in my life. Jessica brought Bea to us just over a year ago and we have been in heaven ever since. This past weekend is the first time that we have flown with Bea and taken her to every place we went. The grocery store, shopping around town, all meals, etc. To start, we were flying from Houston to Bozeman with 1.5 hour layover in Denver. Bea was perfect the ENTIRE trip. She was a pro going through security and it was a madhouse in IAH security—Following all commands without a leash (all gear has to be taken off to go through security). She walked at heel up to the machine, sat and waited for me to go through, then security asked me to call her through. She came right through the detector and sat right next to me and waited for her collar and leash to be x rayed. She then had lunch with us in an airport restaurant and sat under the table quietly. You would have never even known she was there. We then proceeded to gate where she laid down quietly under my feet until boarding. The perfection continued on the plane where she laid so quietly under my feet that people had no clue she was there. In fact, one passenger accidentally stepped on her. Again, she did not move. Just sat there and looked up at the person with eyes saying “please get off my tail”. She continued on through the rest of travels perfectly. I cannot tell you how many people commented on how well behaved she was throughout our travel day—security, wait staff at restaurants, passengers, flight attendants, etc! I had two people ask for breeeder and trainer info! Bea went with me to the grocery store twice where she would follow the “stay” command while I shopped the aisles and produce section. Again, numerous people complimenting her behavior. She would never move even when numerous people would walk past and give her a pet. Same thing as we shopped around town. Would just sit in “stay” while I shopped around. Same thing when we were dining indoors at very nice restaurants. Just sat at my feet quietly through the entire meal. Never even raised her head when my kids dropped food on the ground. I have attached a few pics so you can get a visual. Basically, I just want to praise the outstanding breeding by Kathryn and the brilliant training from Jessica. I told both of them that I wanted a dog that would be a part of our family and do everything with us! Obviously this requires a dog with the right temperament and exceptional training. Bea is both of those things! Thank you so much for giving us the dog of our dreams. We are forever grateful! — with Jessica Poynter."

Jessica Poynter
Buster 2019

Trainer: Jessica Poynter

I have a passion for training dogs and have learned obedience and training techniques from a variety of resources. I offer a structured style of balanced training to create an enjoyable experience for your puppy. In 2018, I started offering training services to the public and have since trained hundreds of puppies for happy families nationwide.

My knowledge and experience combined with my competitive nature has been successful in the show ring, achieving many AKC and Working Dog titles including: multiple AKC Rally and Obedience titles, Farm Dog title, National Certified Therapy Dog, as well as 2019 and 2020 AKC Rally National Championship 6th places. I am also a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator.

I develop and personally oversee all of the training and work diligently to advance your puppies training progress. Different dogs require different training approaches, and training can be tailored to your individual needs.

Poop Scoop Extraordinaire: Wade Poynter

I assist in the day-to-day care and in-home training of each puppy. With a team of female trainers, a male influence is crucial for puppy socialization.

Wade Poynter
Dalyce Hamedl

Trainer: Dalyce Hamedl

I was born and raised in Montrose, CO. I have lived my life with a passion for animals, having pets of my own to watching family and friend’s animals growing up. I attended Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in Denver, CO, graduating in 2015 to further my knowledge and experience. I passed my VTNE to be a Certified Veterinary Technician soon after graduating, working in the field throughout my time in Denver. In 2016, we moved back home to start our family and soon began my training career. I have worked with multiple trainers, learning different training techniques and strategies to create a well-rounded dog. I love being able to share the joy of puppies with my family and yours!

Puppy Bather / Socializer: Aby England

I am a sophomore at Montrose High School. I am a 3-sport varsity athlete. For Montrose High School, I play softball and lacrosse. For Olathe High School, I wrestle for the Olathe Pirates Girls Wrestling Team. I have two younger brothers: Jayce, who is 13, and Madyx, who is 6. Personally, I have a pit-bull lab mix dog named Nyx and a cat, Mania (she’s a maniac). My family has 3 additional dogs, another cat and 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats. I enjoy spending time with my family, listening to music and just taking in all the beauty the Montrose area offers.

Aby England
Logan Hamedl

Lead Trainer: Logan Hamedl

“Hi, my name is Logan Hamedl. I like playing with puppies, and I like playing with the ones that are trained most.”

Logan is the in-house puppy socializer. Logan is a great resource for child interactions and beginning child-puppy leash handling.

Treat Giver: Addison Hamedl

Addie is our puppy distraction and infamous “treat giver.” Puppies can learn impulse control and etiquette around children who respect puppy boundaries.

Addison Hamedl